SUNDAY, May 3 • 12:00 Noon

914 N. 1st Ave. • Winterset, Iowa

Art & Linda Smith, Owners


Hobart automatic slicer; Henny-Penny cook and hold; 4 1/2 ft. True reach-in cooler; Taylor Model 450-12/01250-H936 soft serve ice cream machine; Jackson stainless steel pass thru dishwasher with booster heater (3 phase) with side counter and sink; under counter refrigerator; Amana microwave oven model AXL130SS 220/30amp (never used); Fusion commercial 16 in. pizza oven (new, never used); Towne brand commercial smoker (natural gas or LP); two deep fryers; Toastmaster bun warmer; Universal Command mixer; Amana heavy duty commercial 1000 watt microwave; Blimpie bun warmer/toaster; Infra-Chef sandwich warmer/cheese melter; stainless steel commercial plate warmer; foot control steel sink; Waring commercial 4 hole toaster; Classic APW steam table; 48 in. flat top chrome grill with all new wiring controls; 3 new 10 1/2 quart soup warmers; slow cookers; No. 10 can rack; (2) half pan racks; (3) keg tappers; electric can opener; tapping cooler; cash registers; (3) steam tables; (3) chaffing pans; Sterno Rack & Sterno; 4 ft. cooler evaporators for walk-in cooler; 36 in. cooler door; French fry slicer; tomato slicer; warming lamp; silverware & wash racks; hotel pans with lids; steam table pans; boiler pans; stainless steel ice tea dispenser; bread pans; wall mount pan rack; restaurant commercial pots and pans; cast iron sizzle plates; all kind restaurant utensils; stainless steel pitchers; peanut dispenser; fryer baskets; over 30 matching dining chairs; Hamilton Beach commercial drink/malt mixer (new in box); Halco restaurant scales; digital video surveillance recorder; dressing cambros; stock pans; pizza pans; potato mashers; steam table cover; salt & pepper shakers; sheet trays; bar pitchers; plastic storage tubs; ladles & serving spoons; taco fryer mold; malt glasses; steak knives; cake molds; bar mugs and glasses; shot glasses; restaurant china (dinner plates, platters, salad plates; soup bowls; cups; dessert dishes & more); 1/6 deep cambros; drain rack; coffee krafts; large plastic bowls; silverware trays; dry erase boards; bulletin boards; two 36in. swinging doors; (4) 5 ft. booths; high chairs; 79 1/2 x 24 counter; 49 3/4x30 1/2 counter with can opener; set of 9 metal lockers; (4) wood booths; (2) fire extinguishers; wood podium; 12 stack chairs; 4 ft. tables; 10 pedestal tables; (2) folding tables; ceiling light fixtures; mop bucket; roll-around tray racks and lots more listed.


Old Hamms beer motion light (waterfall, canoe and campsite); Miller Genuine Draft guitar neon; Ice House Ice brewed neon; Old Milwaukee neon; Coors Light neon; Budweiser "Select" neon; Miller Genuine Draft neon; Bud N Pizza neon; Bud Dry neon; Miller High Life neon; Pabst neon; Sharps neon; Red Hook neon; other neons; Miller "Harley Davidson" metal sign; Miller "Twist & Shout" lighted sign; Old Milwaukee pool table light; Old Milwaukee hanging light; Pabst Blue Ribbon hanging light; Schlitz hanging light; Coors Light "Bikers Wanted" metal sign; Bud Light "Pro Bull Rider" metal sign; Coors NASCAR metal sign; (5) metal Leinenkugels metal signs; Coors motion light; Miller Bathing Beauty light; No.8 Budweiser race car mirror; Miller Lite race car lighted sign; Bud hunting dog mirror; Bud mirror with Clydesdales; Bud "King of Beers: mirror; Budweiser "Iowa" metal sign; Molson metal hockey sign; Schlitz metal sign; Coors "Iowa Sesquicentennial" metal sign; LED Bar lights; Old Falstaff beer light (toasting mugs); collection of Budweiser holiday collector mugs; Miller mugs; Coors mugs; Avon mugs and lots more.

Chuck Garrison, & Jon Garrison
(515) 462-1012